The Best Country to Live in

Tokyo is a wonderous city, but it's not in the cheapest country to live in

Tokyo is a wonderous city, but it's not in the cheapest country to live in

When choosing the best country to live in, one of the most important considerations is, of course, price – or – your cost of living. There is an economic concept that will help one choose the right place to live. This concept is called purchasing power parity. Beyond the exchange rate, your money will buy a certain amount of goods in another country. This will vary from country to country. Purchasing power parity, also known as PPP, is an index of the purchasing power of your money in each country. For instance, the PPP of Mexico would indicate that, on average, the prices are about 70 percent of costs in the United States. Products and services in Europe, on the other hand, cost 120 percent more than in the US. PPP can easily be found with your favorite search engine. This information makes it easier to find the ideal place to live.

Here are a few top places to live, where, after a little research, many choose to call home:


Vietnam is immensely popular. The food is extremely cheap in this beautiful tropical country. Pho, the well-known meat, rice, and noodle soup can be purchased for less than a dollar. Many other dishes also cost well under a dollar, and housing can be had for less than $400 per month.


Thailand is a terrific choice with rent as low as $150 per month for a beach bungalow. Meals typically cost about $1.50, and clothing is super cheap. Popular activities in Thailand include hiking, scuba diving, and motor biking, or you can just relax and enjoy the beaches.


China may not be an automatic choice in your top places to live. However, increasing numbers of Westerners are choosing to live there. The cost of living is low and the country offers a lot of opportunities as its economy booms. The country isn’t the most welcoming of permanent residents though. To live in China you’ll either need an expat job or some sort of teaching contract. Failing that the best way of gaining residence is to marry a local man or woman. This isn’t too difficult these days with plenty of Chinese online dating sites available.


Though more costly than Vietnam or Thailand, Argentina has become a popular place to live and many would go so far as to say its one of the best places to live. In Buenos Aires, an apartment can cost as little as $550 per month, and a meal in a superb restaurant will run about $8. Buenos Aires is one of the trendy spots in South America with a rich culture at a bargain price.

Where is the best place to live in the World? Add your thoughts below!

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  1. Sydney! The most beautiful city on the planet.

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